Singles Holidays for The Over 50’s

Everyone enjoys traveling, regardless of age or relationship status. Traveling is an amazing experience, and being single should not stop you from realizing your traveling dreams. Check out our top tips for taking a solo holiday as a senior.1) Traveling on a solo holiday has advantages in itself, because you can choose how to design your trip. You do not have to worry about being dragged to places where you do not want to go or trying to convince your partner to see sites that he or she does not care to look at. Do not let being single stop you from enjoying your travels. You may have a much different experience than if you traveled with a partner, but both are fun in their own ways.2) Traveling as a senior also has advantages of its own. For many, singles holidays if you are aged over 50 are the some of the best experiences of their lives. Those over 50 are more educated than younger travelers and often have a greater appreciation for the trip. Those of this age group often have more time and money for traveling, as well. Always remember senior discounts when traveling. Although the term senior is defined differently everywhere, those over 50 are often offered many discounts that they never think to take advantage of.3) As a single traveler over 50, remember to think of safety. Anyone who is single is more likely to be victimized than someone traveling with others, and the same is true of any senior, unfortunately. Young locals and other tourists like to prey on seniors, believing them to be easy targets. Remember that being single does not mean that you need to go everywhere alone. If you want to, you can likely find groups of people with whom to travel. For those who prefer to travel independently, precautions must be taken. Either ask for an escort or find groups of others to walk with when out by yourself. In terms of being a senior, one concern you may have is how easy it is for you to get around. Do not put yourself in situations where you cannot keep up with others or keep yourself safe. Remember that, unfortunately, many young people believe they can overpower seniors in terms of strength, so they may prey on you for your money. If you would prefer not to travel with others, consider carrying protections, such as pepper spray.4) Pack lightly. This tip is difficult to follow because people are naturally inclined to want to bring all kinds of personal possessions and changes of clothing while traveling. However, consider how much walking you will have to do and how many times you will need to change rooms or use transportation. Each of these times, you will be responsible for carrying all of your belongings. Some of the time you can find carts or others to help, but you cannot count on this. Carrying your belongings can really become exhausting. Practice with a few bags to test both the ease of juggling the different pieces and also the weights to see how much you can realistically carry.5) Join online forums or chat rooms to connect with others before you travel. You can bounce ideas off of one another, and you may even find others with whom you would like to travel, if you do not want to travel alone. If you would like to go alone, you can still learn a lot from connecting with others who have made the same trip before or are planning to.